About Medicare Select

What is Medicare Select? Simply stated, Medicare Select is a more affordable type of Medicare supplemental insurance. It is a program designed according to the specifications and guidelines of the federal government. The difference between traditional supplement insurance and Medicare Select is lower premiums when you agree to use a “selected” or network hospital.

What Medicare Select is not! Medicare Select is not and HMO. You do not surrender your Medicare benefits and you are not assigned a physician.

How did Medicare Select begin? Medicare Select began as a government approved “test” program in 15 states. The program was designed to help lower costs of supplement insurance for Medicare beneficiaries. Because of the success of this program, the government expanded Medicare Select to all 50 states by July of 1995.

How does Medicare Select work? In order to qualify for the lower supplement premiums, you agree to use the selected or participating hospital (or network hospitals) that has joined the effort to reduce health care cost. A plan is chosen (A through J) that best meets your needs; the same as you would with traditional supplement insurance.

Does Medicare Select cover me when I travel out of the area? Yes! Our Medicare Select plans will pay 100% of all Medicare approved charges if you are out if the area and need to be hospitalized on an emergency basis.

Is the part A deductible covered for emergency admissions to a non-participating hospital or for admissions when I am traveling out of the area? Nearly all of our Medicare Select plans cover the deductible if you are admitted to a non-participating hospital on an emergency basis or if you are traveling out of the area. If you frequently travel or live close to another hospital that is not one of our network hospitals, please inform our Secure Care representative. We will ensure that you have selected a plan that covers the Part A deductible for emergency admissions or while traveling out of the area.

May I keep my personal physician? Yes! You may keep your personal physician. Unlike HMO’s, you will not receive a listing of Medicare Select physicians. If you require hospitalization, your physician must have admitting privileges to the network hospital or he may refer you to another physician who does have admitting privileges.

Is there a waiting period for pre-existing conditions? No! Once you qualify for our breitling replica sale Select program, there is no waiting period for pre-existing conditions.

Am I able to change back to the traditional supplement insurance? Yes! You can convert back to traditional Medicare supplement insurance, either with our insurance company or with another company, at any time.

What if Medicare increases its deductible and co-payments? Medicare Select benefits automatically change to cover the Medicare increase in deductible or co-insurance amounts.

What are the premiums for your Medicare Select policies? Premiums will vary according to your age at the time of enrollment. If you are a non-smoker and have not been hospitalized in the past two years, you may qualify for “preferred” rates. Please call our toll-free number for your individual rates.

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