Support Services for Group Clients

Secure Care of America, Inc. specializes in assisting businesses find innovative solutions to implementing and maintaining a comprehensive, affordable employee benefit and insurance plan. Our friendly, personalized service is second to none, and our local presence and accessibility proves an invaluable asset in meeting the ongoing day-to-day needs of our group clients. We believe in people helping people, and will never put you through a series of computerized messages to get the help you need. Our dedication to earning and keeping your business is evidenced daily through the many services we personally provide.

Sales Support: From the very first meeting, we strive to ensure that your organization has the complete picture when shopping for your health and benefit plan:

Enrollment Support: Putting your organization’s needs first, we make every effort to minimize downtime and maximize employee buy-in by providing on-site expertise with every aspect of the enrollment process:

Ongoing Support: After your plan begins, we will be the resource for you and your employees for any questions, changes or concerns about your plan - providing continual support:

Renewal Services: From year to year, we will continue to provide the level of service you expect from your agent:

In the constantly evolving insurance industry, our ability to meet your group's individual needs is what sets us apart from other agencies. We value and respect our clients, and once we've earned your business, we will work hard to continue meeting all your insurance needs.

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